24. Identical Twin. I love photograpy, writing, and running, even when they don't love me back. I've probably had more injuries in my running career than you can think of but I never let these trials get me down. I love challenges and proving the non-believers wrong :)


Don’t resent yourself. Don’t resent yourself for something you did five years ago or this morning or hell even five minutes ago. At the end of the day remember you have to live with you and you can be your own biggest hero or enemy. And at the end of the day beating yourself will get you no where. So please don’t resent anyone in the first place but importantly don’t resent the one person you have to care of- you

my advice to my younger sister (via makethemdream)

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I always sleep in on Mondays

I guess I can just expect this to be the norm.  I can’t remember ever waking up on a Monday morning with my first alarm.  I guess strengthening will have to wait until tonight.