24. Identical Twin. I love photograpy, writing, and running, even when they don't love me back. I've probably had more injuries in my running career than you can think of but I never let these trials get me down. I love challenges and proving the non-believers wrong :)


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  3. killthepavement said: Holy shiz! That looks badass & painful! Bet that frightened the crap outta you! (totally woulda lost my cool if I fell!)
  4. usualchatter said: OMG. I hereby forbid you from doing anything that involves movement. For your own safety!
  5. jennylosesthejiggle said: What the fucking fuck! Don’t do that!
  6. becauseimagangsta said: STOP GETTING HURT
  7. ztiluakilo said: Bummer, hope you are ok. On a scale of 1-10 how hard is it to transition to clipless?
  8. orangeorangegirl said: Oh god, ouch!!!!! That looks like it hurt!
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